Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nails Inc. Freebie and Sigma make-up brushes...

So I've just ordered the beautiful 'Kings Road' which is a lovely lilac shade from Nails. Inc. for the bargainous price of £1! Using the code from fabulous magazine this weekend, this looks as though it will work great for the summer (or what we have left of it!) so I can't wait to recieve it!

Tonight I also ordered the complete brush set from Sigma Makeup after watching juicystar07's video review on these. The set comprises of 12 brushes, which are all dupes of the infamous Mac range. Being on such a tight student budget, at $68 + $14 P&P these seemed like a much more sensible option, especially after Blair had raved about them so much. It worked out at £48 inclusive of everything which works out at something ridiculous like £4 a brush!

Included in the set is dupes for the Mac 150, Mac 190, Mac 187, Mac 168, Mac 194, Mac 275, Mac 266, Mac 252, Mac 219, Mac 224, Mac 209 and Mac 239.

So I've only just ordered them tonight, so lets see how long postage takes and I'll let you know how they go!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Discounted Mac Haul..

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in York where I came across a store selling discontinued (but still lovely!) Mac products. I refained from going too OTT since it's not payday til Friday, but never the less I picked up..

Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Medium/Natural and Shimmer
- As you can see in the photograph, this is 3/4 the natural powder and 1/4 of it is the shimmer, I haven't used this yet, but I've heard good things about it. I am forever cringing at photographs from nights out where I look too shinny, so I'm hoping this will help combat this!

Select Sheer/Pressed Powder in NC15 - This product seems great so far, It can be worn as alone on days when I'm feeling confident enough to go without foundation. It comes with a small sponge, but I have been applying this with a brush as I feel it gives a better coverage.

Mineralized Skinfinish in 'Perfect Topping' - This is lovely, it will look amazing on holiday with a tan. Although I think it is too shimmery to wear to work.

Blush in 'Fleur Power' - I honestly think I bought this because it was cheaper than the usual £16 and thats the only reason. I do not like it, you have to be so careful with it, or you look like a clown. I think this will definately be getting sold on.

Lustreglass in 'Ensign' - There was such a variety of lipglosses in store, but as I'm allergic to a number of glosses, I always buy one check it first and repurchase if it's worked ok. Sadly, I'm allergic to this. It's beautiful too so it's such a shame, a beautiful pale pink colour which would work with so many looks. Sadly, this will be getting sold on.

I also bought an eyeshadow, which is in the picture but I can no longer find it! I'll update with that on my next haul :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

2 New Bargain Outfits for my Holidays!

Upset over the current gloomy weather we've been suffering of late, I decided to make a trip to my local shopping centre yesterday to grab some sales bargains for my holidays! I'm off to Ibiza in September with 7 other girls and Florida in October with my Boyfriend and family, so I wanted pieces that I could hopefully cross over for both trips, and I have to say, I was not disapointed!

First up we have River Island...

Here I purchased this lovely multicoloured skirt, I have to say I find it really flattering, I am usually quite cautious of bubble hemmed skirts, as at a UK size 12-14, with rather wide hips, I usually find they seem to make me look bigger than I am, although I thought this one sat quite well. I was also impressed I managed to walk away with a size 10! Reduced from £29.99 to a very reasonable £12. I've worn it here with a blue basics vest from Topshop and black peep toe wedges from George also £12.

Before I start, I apologize for the terrible pose in this photograph, I'm not sure what I was doing! Anyway this lovely summery dress is from the New Look sale for a very reasonable £9! Not only is it flattering and a lovely mix of colours for the summer, it has a lovely sequin detail around underneath the bust. Very happy with this purchase! I have teamed it here with my dark brown gladiator sandels from Deichmann Shoes for £14.99, these are great, such good quality for the price and they have a closed heel at the back, which I always find very comfortable!

Please comment your thoughts, and if you like what you've seen so far please click the link to follow my blog :) See you soon!


Hello Everyone! As I'm sure you can see this is my first post, so I thought it would make sence to make this a brief introduction about myself!
As you've probably guessed, thats me to the left. I'm Emma, and I recently turned 22 on the 15th July. I live in Middlesbrough, where I am currently studying for a Media degree, I can't say I know for definate what I want to do when I graduate, I flicker between working in journalism and the radio. I suppose it all depends if I get lucky in a few years when I finally graduate!
I love all things assosiated with beauty, as a student I'm on a slightly limited budget, but I have began to make sure I buy quality rather than quantity. I love looking for new products and trying them out. Which is why I love reading about other peoples experiences with new products they've tried as I feel it gives you a true opinion, rather than a magazine, that has probably been paid to write good things!
I also love music, and I try and attend as many gigs as possible, although admittedly Middlesbrough is hardly 'gig-central' I usually have to travel to Newcastle or Leeds to see big bands. I'm eagerly awaiting my annual trip to Leeds Festival next month, especially as one of my favourite bands the Arctic Monkeys are playing!
Anyway, thats enough about me for now, all in all I'm hoping to try and update this blog as often as possible, I'm no make-up expert, I'm just having fun experimenting, I'm also going to talk about new music I'm listening too, allow you to follow my weight loss journey I'm currently embarking on and along the way show you any new purchases I happen to make, if you've made it this far, thanks for reading and see you all soon!
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